July 2014 Star Students

Every month we ask our regional staff to nominate a star student. Our students receive a special certificate for being nominated. It is a great privilege to work with these amazing students.

Star Students Archive

Skid Row Learning Center

Magic, 7th Grade. In some instances a student’s name suits them perfectly. The turnaround in academic grades and behavior has been magical for recent sixth grade graduate, Magic! When Magic started at the Skid Row Learning Center, he walked in with a loud voice, anxious feet, and a short temper. He showed me his report card without a single grade above a “D”. In the last four months, Magic has turned almost all his grades into A’s and B’s and has also been assigned as leader at the learning center during various activities. Magic is truly an inspiration. He continues to work on his anger and stress management; he says that the more he learns the better person he will become. Magic exemplifies all we can ask for in a student and all a tutor can hope to see in terms of progress and growth.

Allison Maldonado, Skid Row Learning Center Instructor


Region 1 – Los Angeles

Angel, Kindergarten. As Angel gets set to enter first grade, he is very excited about learning to read. Already, he has memorized most of his sight words and can read beginning level books. He is a hard worker and pays careful attention to his work, especially in writing. In kindergarten, he always tried his best in all subject areas. At the end of this past school year in fact, he got the principal’s honor roll award for receiving “3’s” (meeting standards) or higher! His enthusiasm for learning makes him a joy to tutor. Way to go, Angel!

Jackie Romo, Tutor


Region 2 – South Los Angeles

Cheyenne, 2nd Grade. Cheyenne is the Student of the Month in Region 2. She is very bright and has a good sense of humor. Cheyenne has shown improvement in her math skills over the last few weeks. She takes pride in completing math sheets and she loves to draw. Cheyenne enjoys working with her tutors and learning. She is an overall positive little girl.

Lauren Nichols, Tutor


Region 3 – Westside

Lilly, 3rd Grade. In her two plus years working with the School on Wheels program, Lilly has made outstanding progress towards becoming a star student and curious lifelong learner. Now in the third grade, Lilly enjoys devouring chapter books, such as ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ and ‘Twig’. She has also shown a great aptitude for math, particularly fractions and multiplication. Far from shy, Lilly is a natural and confident public speaker with a unique ability to engage her audience. Of all Lilly’s many accomplishments, her tutor is most proud of the increased resilience and effort she has shown in the face of frustration and adversity. Given all of her talents, Lilly has unlimited potential as a student and is undoubtedly destined for an amazing future!

Eric Morse, Tutor


Region 4 – Long Beach, San Pedro

Nokomis, 1st Grade. When I first met my student, I remember she flashed a big smile and gave me a warm hug. She then reached out her tiny hand to me and introduced herself as Nokomis. She said, “You do not say the ‘s’ at the end; so it’s Nokomi.” I smiled back; right then, I knew it was the beginning of something special with this young lady.
I’ve been tutoring Nokomis for three months now. Every week I’ve looked forward to spending time with her. Nokomis is a vibrant student who loves to draw, color and write. After she finishes her homework, she’s always ready to draw and color with me. We enjoy our time together; her enthusiasm never fails to amaze me. We try new activities such as science experiments to encourage and support her learning. Nokomis is also very dedicated to learning. She has worked hard at improving her reading and math week after week. With her determination and positive attitude, I know she will go a long way. Good job, Nokomis. I am very proud of you!

Jezz Quibal, Tutor



Region 6 – West Covina, Rowland Heights, La Puente, Pomona, Ontario, Upland, Chino

Angel, 2nd Grade. At first Angel’s mother was concerned about how well he would do in tutoring. Angel had a bad experience with a teacher, and really feared authority figures. However, Angel is great to work with. He is curious and interested in learning. His reading and math are above grade-level. We’ve been playing chess as a reward for doing math and reading exercises. Angel has learned the game extremely quickly. I look forward to working more with him and to continuing to master chess together!

Raymond Fiola, Tutor


Region 7 – San Fernando Valley

Treasure, 1st Grade. Treasure is an extremely intelligent and sweet first grade student who is advanced in both math and language arts. Over the time I’ve worked with her, I’ve watched her attention span and her math skills grow. She says her favorite subjects in school are reading and coloring. She is an expressive reader and an artist with attention to detail. Treasure has tons of energy and loves to learn through interactive activities and games. She says she wants to be a counselor when she grows up because she loves to have fun.

Lauren Kinney, Tutor


Region 8 – Ventura County

Valerie, 8th Grade. Being the Student of the Month is a recognition and honor that Valerie richly deserves after advancing from a struggling 7th grader to a confident and mature 8th grader. Not only has Valerie applied herself diligently over the past two years but now she is cheerfully and willingly tutoring a 7th grade student who is where she was last year. Valerie’s positive attitude and willingness to share her success is most commendable.

George “Ed” Geis, Tutor


Region 10 – Orange County

Najat, 8th Grade. Working with Najat has been a wonderful experience. She is one of the most artistic, thoughtful, and responsible young ladies I have ever met. During our first session, it took me a while to sync in with Najat’s social wavelength. But after a couple of weeks we became great friends and got to work. We have even tackled her nemesis, science; Najat was able to raise her science grade to a B! I have been lucky to see Najat grow so much in the short time we’ve spent together. She is a wonderful older sibling to her brother and sisters, has a great taste for 50′s movies, and paints beautiful artwork. The world is Najat’s canvas; I can’t wait to see her achieve her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Keith Sakata, Tutor


Region 11 – Inland Empire

Charles, 5th Grade. Charles has been a great student to work with. He is very diligent when it comes to doing homework assignments, both from his teacher and from me. He is prepared to discuss his homework as well as the activities that I bring with me to tutoring, making it very easy to tackle concepts both new and for review. He is also very patient and persistent when it comes to learning things that are new and challenging for him. Charles does not get frustrated with these challenges. His open mindedness as a student has made it a rewarding experience to be his tutor.

Evan Stormer, Tutor


Region 12 – South LA Learning Center, Crenshaw District, Mid-City

Evelyn, 2nd Grade. Evelyn is an outstanding student who attends elementary school. When the final school bell rings, she is eager to attend the after-school activities at School on Wheels. For the past year, Evelyn has expressed interest in learning and taken initiative in the activities during our learning session. She is always ready to help, read, and take part in the daily activities. I’m glad to see Evelyn treat her peers with respect as well as other tutors. She looks for ways to perform acts of kindness towards other students at the center. Evelyn has a positive attitude and is a great role model for the other students, even those who are older than she is. She works hard to develop better reading and writing skills. Evelyn is a wonderful student to work with. Her positive behavior has earned her the award as the Student of the Month. Everyone at the South Los Angeles Learning Center is very proud of her progress and accomplishments. She brightens our days with her sweetness and her smile.

Roxanna Soto, Tutor