Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Tutor Description

The role of the volunteer tutor is to provide hope and educational assistance to a homeless child through one-on-one tutoring.


  • Commit to tutor your student one hour a week on a consistent basis.
  • Inspire your student to develop a positive attitude towards learning and provide academic assistance to him/her.
  • Log all your tutoring hours weekly via our online tracking system.
  • Notify School on Wheels when your student needs a backpack, school supplies, uniforms or books.
  • Maintain an open line of communications with your student and his parents, shelter staff and your School on Wheels’ Coordinator.
  • Talk to your student’s teacher to determine how to work best with her/him.


  • Must be eighteen years old and have a High School diploma*.
  • Commit to being a positive influence on your homeless student’s life by tutoring consistently.
  • Exemplify School on Wheels’ values, ethics and integrity.

Family Volunteer Tutor Description

School on Wheels is proud to offer our family package for young people (twelve and older) who would like to be a positive influence in the life of a homeless child. Youth who are interested in tutoring have to complete an application, view the Online Orientation, attend a Tutor Training, and tutor with an adult family member or an adult group coordinator who is approved by School on Wheels. The adults who accompany the youth tutors have to complete our regular application process. This is a great way for young people to get involved in their community and learn what it means to give back.

*High School Volunteer Tutor Description

You can become a School on Wheels volunteer if you are between twelve and eighteen years old and are working towards your high school diploma. If you are between the ages of twelve and fifteen, you can still volunteer to tutor with your parent or other responsible adult, see the family volunteer description above.  You will be working in a team with the adult; usually each of you will have your own student to tutor. 

If you are sixteen to eighteen years of age, and working towards high school graduation, with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, you can apply online to be an individual tutor.  Please provide at least one teacher ‘s name as one of your references. 

Volunteer Tutor Coordinator Description

Do you want to help School on Wheels serve more homeless children and practice your leadership skills? Why don’t you become a Tutor Coordinator and lead a group of tutors!

Volunteer Tutor Coordinators match new tutors with homeless children and provide support and assistance to our tutors. They are critically important to our program and allow School on Wheels to provide services to more homeless children. If you would like to have an even greater impact in your community, this volunteer position is for you!


  • Communicate with, support, and encourage your volunteer tutors by email, telephone and personal visits.
  • Match your tutors with children who need them and reassign tutors when their students move.
  • Communicate with School on Wheels and request supplies when your tutor or student needs them.
  • Communicate with shelter staff to:  Identify new children who need tutors.  Ensure children are provided with tutors in a timely manner.  Ensure that all parties (shelter staff, students, tutors, and School On Wheels) know the days and times of tutoring assignments. Update our online tracking system with your tutor and student data.


  • Must be eighteen years old and have a High School diploma.
  • Commit to being a Volunteer Tutor for at least six months in order to understand the role and responsibilities.
  • Exemplify School on Wheels’ values, ethics and integrity.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you have additional skills that would help contribute to our mission such as administrative, fundraising, public speaking, event planning, technology, workshop facilitation, etc. – please contact the Regional Coordinator for the area where you would like to volunteer (view our Location Map).

Additionally, we have ongoing AmeriCorps VISTA full-time one-year positions available. Please visit the AmeriCorps section on our website for more information.

Mandatory Policies and Procedures

We have formulated simple but mandatory policies for our School on Wheels volunteer tutors. The policies and procedures are directed towards one-on-one tutoring, but they also apply to group tutoring situations. The policies come from our experience in working with homeless children and are created for your protection and assistance. Please read them carefully and let us know if you have questions or need clarification. Click here to view our Mandatory Policies and Procedures.

These policies and procedures are also detailed in our Tutor Handbook.