Academic Program

Designed to ‘fill in the gaps’, our Academic Program combines assessments to identify areas of need with grade level assignments and digital learning tools. Here, you will find resources for grades K-7, broken down by assessment question and Common Core standard.

1. Administer a Pre-Assessment

To determine what topic areas to focus on, first complete a grade-level assessment in either math or ELA with your student.
Click here to access a list of all assessments available online. Paper versions can be found under Grade-Level Resources* below.

2. Use our Assessment Resources

After identifying learning gaps with a pre-assessment, use our assessment resources with your student to help strengthen their skills.
Click here to access our assessment resources broken down by assessment question and Common Core standard.

3. Administer a Post-Assessment

After three months (or at least ten 60-minute sessions), you will administer a post-assessment to track your student’s progress.
Please note that the pre- and post-assessment are the same assessment. Click here to access our assessments.

Please watch the following video on administering the assessments and then read these instructions.

*Grade-Level Resources

Here is a full tutorial on how to utilize our resources in your tutoring sessions:

If you have a student in 8th-12th grade, we recommend using our BUS program.
Our BUS Program makes a connection between education and goals for the future.