May 17

Interview with PEACE Fund Radio

On today’s show, Jason Richter and Dustin Burford join Adrian and Ethan in the studio. Adrian chats with Natasha Bayus, the Education Director and Lisa Frias, the Student Support Coordinator of School on Wheels, a nonprofit in Los Angeles working to bring educational opportunities to homeless children.

In this interview, Natasha and Lisa talk about the history of School on Wheels and how it has progressed over the years along with discussing the increase of homelessness in Los Angeles.

More than one million public school students in the United States have no room to call their own, no desk to do their homework, no bed to call their own at night. State data collected by the National Center for Homeless Education shows over 1.3 million homeless students in the 2015-2016 school year.

Here in California, as housing costs continue to soar, more and more children are suffering the severest of consequences: No place to call home.

Since 2014, the number of homeless children in California has jumped 20 percent. In the most recently released data, 202,329 young people are living in cars, motels, shelters, on the street or in crowded homes shared with other families. That’s over 3 percent of the enrolled K-12 students, more than twice the national rate, but the actual numbers are almost certainly higher.

In school, these homeless children face daunting challenges and require social services and academic help perhaps more than any other group. Faced with extreme poverty, stress and exhaustion, these children are far more likely to struggle academically and drop out of school than their peers.

Listen to the interview at the 34:00 mark here.

May 15

Tutor Anniversaries May 2018

We would like to give a huge shout out to all of these amazing tutors who have volunteered with us for a year or more! We couldn’t impact the lives of thousands of children without you.

Ten Years
Jacqueline Romo

Seven Years
Ashley Peterson Boerner

Six Years
Allison Maldonado

Five Years
Andrew Wood

Four Years 
Aichun Chen
Eileen Robottom

Two Years
Crystal Xie
Colleen Kienzle
Nirupama Madduri
Young Woo
Javier Ramirez Franco
Annie Sui
Eric Sarabia

One Year
Javier Ulloa
Jeff Tsang
Philip Rosenbaum
Dominique Sisto
Ryan Hong
Brooke Briody
Samuel Hiatt
John Joanino
Emily Cheever
Brianna Padron
Bonnie Insull
Dolores Mancuso
Kathleen Hunt
Keila Cunha E Silva
Courtney Cochran
Lisa McEwan
Laura Blue
Sara Palomares
Nina Hurd
Debbie Weidler
Jenna Lee
Travis Lam
Timothy Tran
Diveena Davis
Dino Tubin
Oren Yomorta
Carla Gentile
Rose Mary Garcia

Apr 30


School on Wheels Regional Manager, Lisette Gaeta, and Regional Coordinator, Riley Hennessy interviewed with iHeartRadio to talk about the work our volunteers do in the community to help provide educational assistance to our homeless students.

Listen to the full interview here.

Become a volunteer here. 

Apr 27

Literacy Strategies for Older Students Struggling to Read

Often children will develop basic reading skills, but struggle to move on to more advanced material. We explore the main roadblocks that kids face when learning to read and learn how they engage with the material from their own perspective. We also learn one easy game that you can play to make a dramatic difference in older students ability to become a strong reader. It works like magic!

About the Presenter: Mary Beth Fletcher was a public school teacher in Pomona Unified School District for 17 years and she has taught every grade level. For the last 7 years, she has been working as a private reading specialist and tutor.

Apr 23

Honoring Our Volunteers and a Video Message From Mayor Eric Garcetti

April is Volunteer Appreciation month, and every year we celebrate our volunteers and thank them for dedicating their time and talents to supporting the homeless students we serve.  As this year is our 25th anniversary, we hosted our biggest event ever. On Saturday, April 21,  over 150 volunteers from Long Beach to Ventura joined staff and board members for an inspirational breakfast and award ceremony.

Mayor Eric Garcetti honored volunteer tutors with certificates of appreciation and recorded a video for us to share at the event. Speakers included a parent whose daughter is now attending college and student Charlie (15) who surprised his tutor, Executive Director Catherine Meek, by reading out the proclamation she received from the mayor. Click here to see a full list of the amazing volunteers who logged over 50+ volunteer hours in 2017.