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Oct 27

Good Shepherd Champion Award

On Sunday, October 22, 2017, School on Wheels was honored at The Good Shepherd Shelter’s 40th Anniversary Gala with their Champion Award. Catherine Meek, Executive Director of School on Wheels, was presented with the award. You can watch her acceptance speech here.

School on Wheels has been providing tutoring services to The Good Shepherd Shelter for over 10 years and recently opened a digital learning room at the site. This is what they had to say about our partnership:

“As you can imagine, with the turmoil of a violent household, many of our children who enter our shelter program are below grade level and often have emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities. We wouldn’t be able to address the unique learning needs of our students so effectively without the ongoing support from School on Wheels tutors who offer after-school support to our students including a homework club and other enrichment activities. In addition to receiving tutoring support, which helps them significantly improve their grades, our students also create a meaningful relationship with the volunteers they work with daily and build a great deal of trust towards them. It is our pleasure to honor School on Wheels with the Good Shepherd Shelter Champion Award for all the tireless and much-needed work they do for our students.” 

Feb 6

The President’s Volunteer Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award

Every year School on Wheels nominates volunteers to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Award recipients receive an official President’s Volunteer Service Award medal, a personalized certificate of achievement, and a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States. Below, find a list of this year’s award recipients.  Congratulations to you all!

Alexander Sviridov Bronze
Ali Mourad Bronze
Alonso Quintero Bronze
Amarilis Bolanos Bronze
Ana Terrell Bronze
Andrew Meyer Bronze
Angela Zhang Bronze
Ann Buckley Bronze
Ann Klein Bronze
Anndrea Nelson Bronze
Annie Sui Gold
April Cha Bronze
Arianne Neumark Bronze
Arpine Galstyan Silver
Ashley McGuinness Bronze
Ashley Peterson Bronze
Attila Szenczi Bronze
Barbara Penland Bronze
Barbara Speicher Bronze
Barbara Wells Bronze
Brandon Mann Bronze
Brenda Ramirez Bronze
Bria Gaines Bronze
Brian Shepherd Bronze
Brock Ruebel Bronze
Bruce Ward Bronze
Bryan Rupley Bronze
Cameron Geller Bronze
Cami Bern Bronze
Camille Boag Bronze
Carl Carson Bronze
Carlos Apodaca Gold
Catherine Meek Gold
Catherine Meek Bronze
Cathie Alter Bronze
Charles Johnson Bronze
Chelsea Kroeker Bronze
Cheyne Burton Bronze
Chris Goodman Bronze
Christopher Cole Bronze
Christopher Donnellon Bronze
Christopher Kowalchuk Bronze
Claudia Gack Bronze
Daerique Jamison Bronze
Daisy Cruz Cervantes Bronze
Damion Wagner Bronze
Danyelle Fowler Bronze
Darren Sepanek Bronze
David Kagen Bronze
Deborah Chankin Bronze
Deborah Myers Bronze
Deborah Woods Bronze
Denise Coleman Bronze
Destiny Mendez Silver
Dick Bennett Bronze
Dinah Piggott Bronze
Donna Price Bronze
Edith Flores Bronze
Edward Cimatu Jr Bronze
Eileen Speer Bronze
Elisabeth Egelko Bronze
Erica Haaseth Bronze
Erin Fitts Bronze
Esther Cho Silver
Evan Panas Bronze
Farid Holakouee Bronze
Francis Villareal Bronze
Franklin Rutherford Bronze
Gabriel Ephron Bronze
Genia Telkamp Bronze
Gillian Smith Bronze
Gretchen Garnett Bronze
Haley Cobb Gold
Heidi Vogl Bronze
Helene Rioux Bronze
Ian Chan Bronze
Iris Portillo Gold
Jacklin DieBold Bronze
James McCuskey Bronze
Jane Shirk Bronze
Janki Patel Bronze
Jay Cramer Bronze
Jean Edison Bronze
Jennifer Phan Bronze
Jerry Edwards Bronze
Jesse Valenzuela Bronze
Jezz Quibal Bronze
Jimmy Chan Bronze
Jimmy Dhanapanth Silver
Joan Cashel Bronze
Joel Safranek Bronze
John Park Bronze
Jonathan Simmons Bronze
Jose Montiel Bronze
Joseph Soulsby Bronze
Joseph Webb Bronze
Josie Azzam Bronze
Joyce Neu Bronze
Judith Stamper Bronze
Juliette Brown Bronze
Justin Paul Bragado Bronze
Karen Castaneda Silver
Karen Gray Bronze
Karen Ross Bronze
Karisa Witham Bronze
Kate McNeil Bronze
Kathleen Olinger Bronze
Kathy Jarman Bronze
Katy Michaelis Bronze
Kelly Washkewicz Bronze
Kevin Widarma Bronze
Kristen Schulle-Griffin Bronze
Kylie Banks Bronze
Ladan Sheikholeslam Bronze
Laura Espejo Silver
Lauren Tess Bronze
Lina Bahn Bronze
Linda Gottlieb Bronze
Lisa Beedle Bronze
Lisa Olmstead Bronze
Lisa Pullins Gold
Lisa Yu Bronze
Lizette Rodriguez Gold
Luisa Latham Bronze
Manmadh Rebba Bronze
Marcela Rodriguez Bronze
Marcia Rothman Bronze
Marcy Anderson Bronze
Margaret MacCurdy Bronze
Margaret Wells Bronze
Margery Cosgrove Bronze
Margie Johnson Bronze
Maria Ortiz Bronze
Mariana Castellanos Gold
Matthew Costa Bronze
Matthew Lind Bronze
Maxine Cruz Bronze
Megan Robbins Bronze
Megan Sullivan Bronze
Megan Velo Bronze
Melinda Hambrick Bronze
Mercedes Hendricks Bronze
Mgo Talarian Bronze
Michael Erzingher Bronze
Michael Schultz Bronze
Michelle Chebeir Bronze
Michelle Curtin Bronze
Miriam Leserman Bronze
Mona Tse Bronze
Monica Carrillo Bronze
Nader Farahat Bronze
Nancy Ayon Bronze
Nancy Okamoto Bronze
Natalie Ferbezar Bronze
Natalie Platon Bronze
Nazanin Kotobi Bronze
nesrin misif Bronze
Norma Perez Bronze
Osmond Cruz Bronze
Pamela Fleischer Bronze
Patricia Basualdo Bronze
Patricia Lester Bronze
Patrick Jong Bronze
Paul Godoy Bronze
Paula De La Rosa Bronze
Peggy Sanders Bronze
Peter Banachowski Bronze
Pouye Sedighian Bronze
Pranit Kumaran Silver
Priscilla In Bronze
Raven Loya Bronze
Rebecca Anders Bronze
Rena Hayami Bronze
Renee Thurau Bronze
Ronak Reshamwala Bronze
Roy Friedland Bronze
Sahand Pirbadian Bronze
Samuel McKean Bronze
Sarah Talaei Bronze
Seth Sanders Bronze
Sharla Fisher Bronze
Shauna Longstaff Bronze
Sheryl Luttrell Bronze
Stephanie Jost Bronze
Steven Cox Bronze
Steven Mynsberge Bronze
Susan Edelman Bronze
Sylvia Carlisle Bronze
Taly Ginsberg Bronze
Tereisa Lytle Bronze
Thomas Niskanen Bronze
Tolulope Popoola Bronze
Tomer Gurantz Bronze
Valentina Savelyeva Bronze
Valeryia Hryb Bronze
Virginia Olson Bronze
Wendy Rodriguez Bronze
Winnie Strohmeyer Gold
Yalda Kotobi Bronze

Jul 26

Certificate of Recognition – State of California

On June 26, 2015 our regional coordinators Louis Mena and Marisol Farfan received this award from California Senator, Tony Mendoza.

In recognition of your support of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Program at Norwalk – La Miranda Unified School District.  On behalf of the 32nd Senate District I commend you on your exemplary leadership and commitment to improving the quality of life in our community.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students.
Best wishes for your continued success.
Tony Mendoza
Senator 32nd District

Listen to the radio interview with Louis here (starting at 11 minutes)