Corporate Supporters

Whether it’s through monetary gifts, in-kind donations, or volunteering, School on Wheels can individualize partnerships to meet the goals of each corporate donor while also meeting our mission of providing educational assistance to homeless children. If your organization is interested in getting involved with School on Wheels, here are some of the possibilities:

Financial Support

Thousands of homeless children are waiting for help. We rely on financial contributions from our supporters to achieve our goal of doubling the number of homeless children we serve.


With over 150 different tutoring locations, your employees can find volunteer opportunities where they live and work. Employee volunteers give your company greater exposure in the local community while actively supporting a meaningful cause.

In-Kind Donations

Partners can create in-kind donation programs that are a tremendous opportunity to showcase products and services to people and organizations that need them most. View our Student Wish List.

We are always happy to talk with corporations about possible sponsorships, partnerships, and opportunities. Please get in touch at

mail to: School on Wheels, P O Box 23371, Ventura, CA 93002
or call: (805) 641-1678

Student Wish List

Every homeless child that we meet receives a backpack filled with school supplies. In 2014 we gave supplies to over 6,000 students.

Next time you are shopping for school supplies for your family, why not pick up some extra and send them to School on Wheels? Please note – We only accept and distribute new backpacks and school supplies. *Starred* items are needed the most, thank you!

If you have any questions regarding donating school supplies, please send an email to: or call: (805) 641-1678

  • Backpacks
  • Highlighters
  • School uniforms or uniform certificates
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Pens
  • Pencil sharpeners*
  • School binders*
    (2″ or larger)
  • Erasers
  • Homework folders
  • Flash Cards
    (multiply & divide)
  • USB Flash Drives
    (2009 and newer)
  • Mini staplers
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Scientific calculators
    (preferably solar)
  • Graphing calculators
  • 3-ring ruled paper*
    (college or wide-rule)
  • Book covers
  • Subject dividers
  • Arts & crafts materials
  • Dictionaries
  • Gift certificates and vouchers for back-packs, books, and supplies
  • Academic Planners
  • Backpacks
  • Highlighters
  • School uniforms or uniform certificates
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Pens
  • Pencil sharpeners*
  • School binders*
    (2″ or larger)
  • Erasers
  • Homework folders
  • Flash Cards
    (multiply & divide)
  • USB Flash Drives
    (2009 and newer)
  • Mini staplers
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Scientific calculators
    (preferably solar)
  • Graphing calculators
  • 3-ring ruled paper*
    (college or wide-rule)
  • Book covers
  • Subject dividers
  • Arts & crafts materials
  • Dictionaries
  • Gift certificates and vouchers for back-packs, books, and supplies
  • Academic Planners

Ways to Donate

Donate Online

Make your gift online today through our secure form above.


Make your gift using your Paypal account by clicking the button below:

Planned Giving

Consider making us part of your trust, bequest, or endowment. Please email Catherine Meek at contact [at] A planned gift ensures the continuation of our landmark tutoring programs and creates your own legacy of support.


Make ongoing gifts over a period of months or years. Monthly donations can be made online via credit card by selecting a Donation Frequency.

Employer Matching

Many companies will match the gifts of employees, their spouses and retired employees. Ask HR or the benefits office at your workplace for more information.

Tributes & Memorials

Give in memory or in honor of a loved one. All memorial and honor gifts are acknowledged through a personal note by School on Wheels to the honored person(s). Fill out the dedication section on our donation form.

Use as your home page

Search the internet with GoodSearch and designate School on Wheels (Ventura, CA) as your charity of choice.

Shop with eScrip

eScrip works with merchant partners to contribute to groups like ours each time you shop – at no cost to you! Click “Sign Up” to register your grocery cards and debit/credit cards. Group ID # 500001892.

Donate Your Car

School on Wheels has partnered with 1-800-Charity Cars, who specializes in car donations. Your donation through 1-800-Charity Cars will help raise money for School on Wheels.

Shop at Target

We are a designated school under Target’s Take Charge of Education program. All you have to do is designate School on Wheels as your school of choice. Our identification # 117-796.

Join to support School on Wheels gives a donation every time you shop at any of their 927 participating stores at no additional cost to you. Install it as a browser add-on and search for School on Wheels.

Find AmazonSmile Items Online

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice (hopefully School on Wheels!)

We are so grateful to the many foundations, organizations and individuals who make it possible for us to help homeless children.

Please consider becoming a School on Wheels subscriber with recurring donations. Your donation is 100% secure and confidential. We never share personal information. School on Wheels will not sell, trade or share a donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.

Donate Now

Our Friends in 2015

Gifts of $100,000+
  • Delmer Clarence Kallberg Estate
    Dora F. Levit Fund for People
    The Eisner Foundation
    S. Mark Taper Foundation
Gifts of $75,000+
  • Annenberg Foundation
    BCM Foundation
    The Mark Hughes Foundation
Gifts of $50,000+
  • Universal Studios Hollywood’s Discover A Star Foundation
Gifts of $30,000+
  • The Sharon D. Lund Foundation
    The Rose Hills Foundation
Gifts of $20,000+
  • Anonymous
    American Honda Foundation
    Crail-Johnson Foundation
    Jackson & Jasmine George
    Joseph Drown Foundation
    Josh Fein & MaryJo Lauterio
    The Louis & Harold Price Foundation, Inc.
    Sawchuk Family Foundation
    Steven & Stephanie Dahlberg
    Thomas Molloy
Gifts of $10,000+
  • Beong-Soo Kim & Bonnie Wongtrakool
    Bowen H. & Janice Arthur McCoy Charitable Foundation
    Carlson Family Foundation
    Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
    Catherine Meek & Al Earle
    Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation
    ECMC Foundation
    Robert & Martha Austin
    Ellen & Ben Padnos
    The Looker Foundation
    Mary & Mel E. Herbert
    Nathan Fielder/Nathan for You
    Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation
    Richard Rizika
    Scott Family Foundation
    Shorewood Realtors
    The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Gifts of $5,000+
  • Andrea Hutter
    Catherine & Jarrod Phillips
    Cheryl & James Furlan
    Daryl Kost
    Edison International
    Education For Humanity USA
    InSync & Bemis Balkind
    J.K. Barker Foundation
    Jacob Capps
    Legendary Pictures, LLC
    Lynn Gardner & Paul Multari
    Mark B. Eskander, Attorney At Law
    Melinda Lee Meyer
    Picture Head, LLC
    Principal Communications Group, LLC
    S. C. Miller
    SAGE Publications, Inc.
    Shallman Communications
    Shrontz Family Foundation
    Skechers Foundation
    Sonia Simms
    St. Bernardine Of Siena Church
    Steven Thomas
    Wild Card Media, LLC
Gifts of $2,000+
  • Anonymous
    ABS Foundation, Inc.
    Allison Snyder
    Bobby Colomby
    Carol Hannah
    Chip & Sharyn Moore
    Comerica Bank
    Comerica Charitable Foundation
    Darren & Sinead Chilton
    Deacon Charitable Foundation
    Donna & Scott Preston
    Dorothy Patapoff
    Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic Foundation
    The Kleiner Cohen Foundation
    Jamie Bedner
    Jennie & Erik Linthorst
    Jerold & Rosemary Shinbane
    John & Carolyn Marshall
    Lark Ellen Lions Charities
    Mitchell Leib
    The Neiman Group Architects
    Nathanael Parkhill
    Rusty Ostboe
    Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club, Inc.
    Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
    Southern California Edison (Employee Contributions)
    The Towbes Group, Inc.
    Timothy & Rachel White
    Tracy Stickney
    Valley Beth Shalom Day School
    Yvonne & Michael Derse
Gifts of $1,000+
  • Anonymous
    Adam & Debra Silbar
    The Adam Frand Foundation
    Arianne Neumark
    Benjamin Wong
    Brigid O’Connor & Kevin Vollmer
    CA Alpha Delta Kappa
    Caitlin Johnston
    Carl E. Wynn Foundation
    Caroline Daniels
    Chelsea Hopkins
    Christine Clay
    Covington Capital Management
    Crispin Porter & Bogusky
    David J. Harrington, Inc.
    David Schneiderman
    Debby Shaw
    Derek Homan
    Douglas Parker
    Dr. Lyndon & Dr. Elizabeth Taylor
    Drissi Advertising, Inc.
    Fricka Ling
    Hans-Dieter Kopal
    Harriet & Richard Orkand Family Educational & Charitable Foundation
    The Harry and Florence Sloan Foundation
    Healthwise Home Care Solutions, Inc.
    Irell & Manella LLP
    Jeffrey Arnstein
    Jennifer Klawin
    Jessica Butler
    Joanna Rogari
    Joseph Daverin
    Josh Cooper
    Karen & Terry Harstad
    Laurie Eddelston
    Liane Ming
    Lois & Stephen Baar
    Makoff Family Foundation
    Mary Rodrigues
    Max Ho
    Molly Richardson
    The Morty Frank Memorial Fund
    MPRM Communications
    RHN Company
    Robert & Ann Buxbaum
    Robert Garrett
    Robert Maitino
    Sempra Energy Foundation
    Stan & Joan Benson
    Star Le
    Steve Mynsberge
    Titan Investments I, LLC
    Truist Comprehensive Distribution
    United Methodist Church Of Westlake Village
    Winona Foote
Gifts of $500+
  • Anonymous
    Ajay Patel
    Alan Grossbard
    Alisa Pederson
    The Allstate Foundation
    Allyson Sia
    American Business Bank
    Amy Powell
    Amy Wong
    Andrea Passarella
    Anh Hoang
    Austin Darnell
    Biological Science Council of UCLA
    Brenda Randall
    Brendan O’Donnell
    Buffalo Exchange
    Burbank Kiwanis for Fun Foundation Inc.
    Carla & Brian Hoffman
    Carol Gable
    Carrie Nisbet
    Catherine Hartmann
    Chris & Alex Goodman
    Chris Wilson
    Christopher Simpson
    Christy Barnes
    Clinton & Carrie Soppe
    David & Patty Dowdey
    David Arnn
    David Kaia
    David Wile
    Davis Melissa
    Debra Benson
    Diana Nims, M.D.
    Donald & Ellen Raab
    Douglas Chernack
    Douglas Kantner
    Edward Johnson
    Elaine Lasnik-Broida & Michael Broida
    Eileen & Mike McAndrews
    Eileen Robinson
    Elizabeth Jaskoski
    Frank Marshall
    Frederique Eisenbach
    FWD PPR Team – Stacey Noonan
    Hani Saleh-Had
    Heather Throgmartin
    Helen Greene
    Janet Ambrosi-Wertman
    Jason Pritchett
    Jennifer Berlinger
    Jennifer Padnos
    Jennifer Taw
    Jo Watkinson
    Joanna Rehm
    John Leslie
    John Shaw
    John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
    Joshua Kurz
    Julie & John Mork
    Kaitlyn Li
    Kenneth Sommers
    Keri Finnerty
    Lauren Blake
    The Lindemann Foundation
    Loebl Family Fund
    Lois A Kruse
    Macerich Management Company
    Marina Kitgor
    Mary Auth
    Matthew Solari
    MeeSun Boice
    Melissa Goldberg
    Melissa Stein
    Michael Earnhardt
    Michael Libow
    Michael McCall
    Michele Barinsky
    Michelle Meehan
    Michelle Purcell
    Mr. Copy Smart Documents Solutions
    Nancy Dahlberg
    Noah Janet
    Norman Spieler
    Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church
    Pacific Commerce Bank
    Phil Sprawls
    Pleasant Valley Lions Club Charities
    Rams Football Company
    Ramzi Habibi
    Renee Mancuso
    Richard Kratt
    Rising Stars
    Roland Hatzenpichler
    Samuel Rotondo
    Seidman Family Foundation
    Seung-Ho Song
    Shannon Shelton
    Sharla & Robert Hellie
    Sophia Munoz
    Soroptimist Los Angeles West – Santa Monica
    Soyoung Jung
    St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
    Sydnie Kohara
    Talia Frederick
    Tanya Monaghan
    Traurig Greenberg
    Tristy Patterson
    Unitarian Universalist Church Of Ventura
    Viewpoint Educational Foundation
    Virginia Tanawong
    VmWare Foundation
    Wade Siegel
    West Covina Emblem Club No 299
    William Keenan
Gifts of $200+
  • Anonymous
    A.C. Israel Foundation, Inc.
    Alanson Shepherd
    Allan Hollingsworth
    Amanda Kresser
    Amazon Foundation
    Andrew Guendjoian
    Andy Milder
    Ann Garcelon
    Anne Vitug
    Anthony Spadaro
    Barbara Brown
    Bank of America Charitable Foundation
    Beverly Lee Rosenthal
    The Boeing Company Gift Match Program
    Bridget & Frederick Hartmann
    Bryan & Lois Feuer
    The Buckley School
    Carol Young
    Christopher & Theresa Cabrera
    Christopher Isenegger
    Craig Blois
    Daly Property Management
    Daniel & Kathleen Pantucci
    David & Barbara Elson
    David H. Schwartz
    Dean Gump
    Dolores Kaytes Einhorn
    Dorothy Dunn
    Ed Babtkis
    Edward Levin
    Edward Najera
    Erick Molina
    Erin Deline
    Eugene Forsyth
    Eve Gloede
    Gary Panas
    Gillian Smith
    The Good News Foundation
    Gordon & Haruko Froeb
    Gregory & Karen Loucks
    H20 Hip Hop Club At CLU
    Homayoun Kandari
    Huebner Family Trust
    Hugh Best & Mary Jane Penna
    Ian & Denise McLaughlin
    Jane Lagman
    Janice Hunt
    Jason Mayling
    Jean Vander Horst
    Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Sargent
    Jessica Intihar
    Jim Collins
    Joel Greengrass
    John Macaluso
    John Redpath
    John Willis
    Jon Tomlin & Elaine Lu
    Karl Feng
    Kathleen & William Wunner
    Kelly & Monica Masuda
    Ken & Joan House
    Ken L Matye
    Kris Kaiser
    Kristi Reynolds
    Layne Pflieger
    Lenore Norton
    Lilla Orme
    Linda Archer
    Linda Pettitt
    Liquid Patent Advisors LLC
    Lisa Schlager
    Lois & Gary Ingham
    Lori Miller & Daniel Bath
    Lynn Stone
    Maike Both
    Marcus Leila
    Mark Oso
    Margaret Bushee
    Margaret & Ken Cosgrove
    Margaret Mannion
    Maritza Alverez
    Mark & Christine Duttweiler
    Mark Gump
    Mary Ehling
    Maud-Ann & Paul Sunderland
    Merilee Oakes
    Merjent Inc
    Michael & Michelle Schreibman
    Michael Perez
    Michael Ruvo
    Monica & Trevor Marshall
    Monika & Alec Campbell
    Nati Vasquez
    Noah Shelton
    Odyssey Charter School
    Patricia Meek
    Pei Sue Ong
    Philanthropic Educational Organization
    Rachel Levit Ades
    Rebecca Kelly
    Reed Steven
    Reyna Soriano
    Richard N. Scott, Inc.
    Russell Wright
    Ryan Fox
    Scott Jock
    Silicon Valley Community Foundation
    Simone Maudhui
    Simple Health Acupuncture
    Sophia Munoz
    Stanley Holt
    Stefan Grube
    Steve Vernon
    Susan Hartman
    Susan Schulman
    T.W. & Connie Jenkins
    Tahereh Barnes
    Taylor Kirk
    Terry Burton
    Tom Frew
    Tom Gottlieb
    Tory DeWolfe
    Trina Unzicker
    United Way California Capital Region
    United Way, Inc.
    Universal Studios Hollywood
    Wendy Lahr
    Willa Gubner
    William Stevens
    Women’s Fellowship Manhattan Beach Community Church
    Yahoo Matching Gifts Program
Gifts of $100+
  • Anonymous
    Adolfo Camarillo High School ASB
    Aimee Pitta
    Allison Mellon
    Alton & Carol Schick
    Andrea Leal
    Andrew Hoff
    Andrew Proa
    Ani Tarpinian
    Anne Ricketts Bemel
    Arthur Hugon
    Ashley Witty
    Ashot Mirzayan
    Banish Acne Scars
    Barbara De Mase
    Betty Glass
    Bonnie Olson
    Brett Butler
    Bridget DiTucci
    Bryan Judson
    Carol Epstein
    Catherine Wattell
    Chao Yoong
    Barbara Wendorf
    Charles Gruden
    Cheryl Opper
    Christian Madrid
    Christina Burg
    Christina Karaba
    Christina Walsh
    Christopher Connolly
    Clifton Gardiner
    CPI Certifed Property Inspections
    Dan Haelsig
    Danielle Diggs
    Davanum Srinivas
    David DeMerlier
    Debbie, Mary & Ronald Weiner
    Denis Abdun-Nur
    Dennis & Averi Torres
    Dennis Chambers
    Derek Green
    Diane Staffan
    Din Mediha
    Disney Ears to You: Christopher Drews
    Disney Ears to You: Nicole Pena
    Dixie Berg
    Don & Melanie Ross
    DriveWise Auto
    Edward Perez
    Edward Quezada
    Elaine Hennessey
    Elgin Walker
    Elizabeth & Barry Weiner
    Elizabeth Johnson
    Elizabeth Lopez
    Elizabeth Miller
    Ellen Smith
    Elliot Freier
    Emily Hunt
    Erica Brady
    Evelyn T. Dravecky Ph.D
    Fairouz Msehli
    Fawn Germer
    Fernando Rodriguez
    Frank Robertson
    Fred Manaster
    Gabrielle Grootegoed
    Gail Crosby
    Gary & Judith Seeds Miller
    Gayle Cooper
    George & Sheryl Esseff
    George Hal
    George Maize
    Gilbert Alderete
    Glenn Gall
    Global Impact Foundation
    Greta Pruitt
    Harry & Carole Kuruma
    Haskel LLC
    Herbert Mejia
    Hording & Associates, Inc.
    Howard Buck
    Integrity Legal Corp Of Long Beach
    Ishtiaq A Chisti & Iffat Karim
    Jacquelyn Coulter
    Jagannathan Thinakaran
    Jameson Bergen
    Janet & Ronald Slifka
    Jason Trevino
    Jasper Kok
    Javi Monk & David Adams
    Jay Shafran
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    Jenni Chang
    Jennifer Ishiguro
    Jennifer McGoldrick
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    Jocelyn Shelton
    Jody Giacopuzzi
    Joe & Sylvia Burns
    Joe Garfio
    John Barnwell
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    Jonathan Meyer
    Josep McKune
    Joseph & Jacqueline Leimbach
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    Joyce E Mathai
    JP Morgan Chase Foundation
    Judi & Donald Unruh
    Julie & Dean Hansen
    Julie Giroux
    Julie Marcus
    Julie Salek
    Julio Orellana
    Just Give.Org
    Kathleen Anderson
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    Kenneth Hayashi
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    William & Susan Tinkley
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    William Gamble & Lucy Sherman
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    Yogeshkumar & Minaxiben Patel

Special thank you to all donors too numerous to list who contribute $1 to $99.