Grow Your Mind: School on Wheels Summer Program 2016

Grow Your Mind

Keep your student learning all summer long!

Tutoring your student over the summer is extremely important in order to prevent learning loss. While some students may want to skip tutoring over the summer, studies show that long breaks exacerbate gaps for lower income income and homeless students.

The School on Wheels Summer Program will help your student stay on track and be more prepared for the next school year. Designed to ‘fill in the gaps’ in student learning, the program combines our traditional Academic Program for grades K-7 with ‘growth mindset’ lesson plans designed to encourage the development of persistence and resilience, traits important for academic success. To begin, we encourage you to do an Academic Program assessment with your student. You will find all of the resources and directions in the links below!

Academic Program

Assessments, Lessons, and Setting Goals

Growth Mindset

Perseverance in the Face of Obstacles


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