Volunteer Application


For all volunteer opportunities, please watch the 2-minute video overview of our requirements, linked below. After this mandatory step, you will be directed to the volunteer application.

Online Orientation and Interview

Once you have applied, we will send you a link to our 45-minute orientation. You will then be contacted for a brief phone interview.

Introductory Training & LiveScan

After your orientation, we will invite you to register for a training. All volunteers must also complete a Live Scan fingerprint background check, available onsite at the training for $35.

Student Matching

After completing steps 1, 2 & 3, your coordinator will review your tutoring preferences and will carefully match you with a student.

Advanced Training

After you have tutored for three months, you will be asked to attend a mandatory Advanced Training to hone your tutoring skills

Step 1:

Fill out my online form.

For more information about requirements and commitment, please visit our Volunteer Page.

Questions about the application process?
Email volunteers [at] schoolonwheels.org

Questions about a specific regional area?
Visit our location map and contact form