Specialized Trainings

School on Wheels offers short online trainings to help you prepare for tutoring. Your coordinator will typically recommend one of these trainings based on where you will be placed.

  • DV Training
  • In this twenty-minute expert panel, you will learn how best to work with students who have suffered domestic violence.

  • Group Home Training
  • This ten-minute training provides an overview of what to expect when tutoring at a group home, including student population details and tutoring tips.

  • Group Tutor Training
  • A ten-minute training that outlines the differences between one-on-one and group tutoring and suggests tips for managing a group setting.

  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth (CSEC) Training
  • In this essential training for all volunteers working in CSEC group homes, you will learn how to tutor teens who have been victims of sexual trafficking. Topics include the basics of CSEC and how to deal with behavioral or motivational issues that may arise from trauma.

  • DLC Tutor Training
  • A ten-minute training that outlines the group tutoring structure followed within Digital Learning Centers.


Every month, School on Wheels hosts educational workshops for tutors on topics varying from tutoring tips and techniques to behavior and motivation. You can browse our previous workshop recordings and additional materials or find workshops related to a particular subject by clicking on one of the following tags:

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To read more about our upcoming workshops and to RSVP, please view our Events Calendar.